Student Organization Recognition Process

Benefits of Recognized Organizations

Once your club is recognized; it may enjoy a variety of privileges. These include:

  • The use of Humboldt State University’s name in association with your club.

  • The ability to conduct fundraising activities on campus.

  • The use of campus facilities and club equipment for reduced or no cost.

  • The right to participate in various campus activities (i.e. Community & Belonging Fair, Athletic Events, Homecoming, the Preview Fair and much more).

  • The privilege of checking out equipment and supplies at no cost from the Clubs & Activities office.

Steps to Becoming a University Recognized Club

New Clubs Activation

Students may initiate steps to form a new club anytime during the academic year and have the opportunity to present information about that club at the weekly Clubs Coordinating Council (CCC) meetings. However, the FINAL activation of a new club is restricted to the first month of each semester. If student clubs and organizations fail to complete all the steps by the fall deadline, they will not be able to activate until the beginning of the spring semester (and visa versa). 

Steps for New Club Activation: 
  • Stop by the Clubs & Activities Office, UC240, to pick up the “Intent to Organize” packet, which includes:

    •  “Intent to Organize” form:
      • List a minimum of eight (8) eligible members, (currently enrolled, fully matriculated HSU students) along with their signatures and HSU I.D. numbers) 
      • Include the name and signature of the Club Advisor (who meets all requirements) 
      • Designate a club representative (generally the student who completes and submits form) 
    • Club Constitution: Draw up a constitution for your organization according to the guidelines in the sample constitution included in the packet
  • Submit all required items in the “Intent to Organize” packet to the Clubs & Activities Office in UC240:  

    • Next, the club representative and advisor will be notified about scheduling a time to attend the CCC board meeting to present their proposal to become a new club.

      • Be prepared to answer the following questions at the CCC Meeting (these may also be included in your constitution):
        • Why are you interested in starting your organization (ex: missions, goals, purpose, etc)?
        • How will your club select leadership positions (officers)?
        • Are there any qualifications for membership in your club? Who gets to vote?
        • How will your club connect with other clubs?
        • We encourage our clubs to be inclusive and representative of the diversity of the student body at HSU. How might your club accomplish this goal, and benefit the campus and local community?
Re-Activating Current Clubs (and Next Steps for New Clubs after approval by CCC): 

All clubs must reactivate their club annually. The "reactivation period" is restricted to the first month of each semester.  “Activation” packets can be picked up at the Clubs & Activities Office in UC 240. 

Included in the Activationpacket will be instructions to follow these steps: 

  • Set up/update Organization Profile on OrgSync 

      • Update President and Treasurer positions, which are mandatory for clubs to be active. Students in these roles must possess these requirements: 
        • Undergraduate students 

          • Must maintain a minimum of 6 semester units and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0

          • Undergraduate students are allowed to earn a maximum of 150 cumulative semester units

        • Post-Baccalaureate students 

          • Must maintain a minimum of 3 semester units and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0

          • Post-baccalaureate students are allowed to earn a maximum of 50 units

        • NOTE: There is a process for requesting an exception for students who have earned beyond the maximum number of units allowed. However, there is NO exception policy for students who do not meet the minimum GPA requirement.

  • Review and then upload your club’s constitution on your club’s OrgSync portal.
  • While your club is being approved on OrgSync there are additional training requirements that have to be completed in order to activate your club.
  1. Orientation: About one (1) month before the semester begins, the Clubs & Activities Office staff will email club contacts [that we have on file] a link to register for orientation (New Clubs or folks interested in starting a club will be provided this information when you pick up your “Intent to Organize” packet). Orientation is done with all other campus clubs, and the time will be used to review pertinent policies, procedures, club resources, and answer any questions you may have. 
  • All Club Presidents and Treasurers officers are required to attend one of the pre-scheduled in-person orientations during the reactivation period (first month of each semester). Additional club officers are encouraged to attend, as well.  There will also be a club activation period in January with additional orientations and trainings for club officers.
  • Advisor Orientation: Once the club has updated the organization’s OrgSync Profile [which includes the Advisor contact information], advisors will receive a link to an online orientation. Advisors must watch the orientation and successfully pass the quiz before the club can finish activation process. 

  • Club Financial Management TrainingClub Treasurers and Club Presidents are both required to attend the Club Financial Management Training BEFORE the club is fully activated. Additionally, any members who  participate in any activity where financial transactions occur must attend a separate “cash handling” training provided by Clubs Financial Coordinator. These training sessions will be arranged through the Student Financial Services office.  

  • OrgSync Training: Student Clubs & Organizations need to have at least one [1] member of the club’s leadership complete the online OrgSync training. This training will go over basic functions of the OrgSync platform and how to access the most commonly used tools.

  • Club Member Registration: All club members must register online via OrgSync in order to access resources, such as: travel authorization, grant applications, supplies and tabling. An OrgSync portal will be created for all clubs. We want all students involved with the club to register as members for your organization, but to maintain active status we require a minimum of five [5] students To join, the members can go to the clubs orgsync page and click the green "Join Now" button. 

  • Required Forms: The following forms are  required to be submitted to the Clubs & Activities Office:

    • Jeanne Clery Act Acknowledgement Form [signed by the advisor]: Accepting the role of club advisor designates advisor as a “campus security authority.” UPD requires advisors to watch a mandatory 14 minute video regarding crime reporting obligations. Advisors must sign and return acknowledgement form to verify that this step has been completed.  

    • Volunteer ID Form  [signed by the advisor]: HSU Human Resources requires all club advisors to complete and sign the Volunteer Identification Form.  

    • Student Club and Organization Financial Agreement [received at Club Financial Management Training]: Required to have the club account activated. This form will be signed by the President, Treasurer, and Advisor after they have finished the mandated trainings

    NOTE: Fraternity/Sorority organizations and Sports Clubs have additional requirements. One of those requirements is to have all members attend a campus facilitated Title IX/ Anti-Hazing/ Alcohol and Other Drug training. This training typically occurs in conjunction with the Clubs Orientation. For Sports Clubs, you will have a facilitated training through the Recreational Sports Department. 

    Changes or Updates to your Club & Organization OrgSync Page

    Minor changes to club constitutions may be made through OrgSync portal updates at any time. Changes in officer position or advisor can be done throughout the semester.  Significant changes to the club's mission statement or purpose requires notifying the club’s office, as the organization may need approval by the Clubs Coordinating Council. 

    Summer Activity

    HSU Clubs status as recognized organizations only applies the fall and spring academic semesters. If you want to host a club activity (ex: travel, event, fundraising, etc) during the summer months or winter break, you will need to request an exemption from the Director of Student Life. Email for instructions on the process.

    Club Responsibilities

    1. Appointment of a university faculty or staff advisor (see section on student organization advisors).

    2. Adherence to all university rules and regulations including, but not limited to, those pertaining to: hazing, alcohol, publicity, posting, sales/distribution of food and merchandise, drawings, use of campus equipment and dances.

    3. Compliance with the club’s own constitution and by-laws; and, when applicable, constitutions and by-laws of affiliated national organizations.

    4. Avoidance of activities that pose undue risk to the safety of individuals or which create liability for the club and the University.

    5. Avoidance of any act of dishonesty, breach of law or University regulation, or any public or private act that brings discredit to the University.

    6. In order to maintain University recognition, clubs must submit updates on their clubs OrgSync portal at the beginning of each academic year (or anytime there is a change in officers, advisor, etc.). Updates must be made within 30 days of the start of the fall semester. Failure to submit current updates will result in the club being declared inactive. Once declared inactive, the club has one more activation cycle in the spring semester to complete any missing steps. If the club fails to complete in the time prescribed, the club must apply to become a new club or organization if they wish to reactivate.

    7. Academic Requirements for Student Officers: Students desiring to hold a leadership role for their club (President and Treasurer) must comply with the CSU minimum requirements for Minor Student Representative Student Officers. The requirements are:All student representatives, candidates, and incumbents for major and minor office positions must be matriculated (regularly enrolled in a degree-seeking program) at HSU, must maintain a minimum overall grade point average (GPA) each term of a 2.0 term grade point average (GPA), must be in good standing, and must not be on academic, disciplinary or administrative probation of any kind.

      1. These requirements are minimum qualifications. Organizations (individual clubs) may establish additional requirements provided that the requirements do not discriminate on the basis of race, age, religion, gender (unless exempt under Title IX, Section 901a), disability, sexual orientation, or national origin.
      2. A. Unit Load 
      3. Undergraduate students must earn 6 semester units per term while holding office. Graduate and credential students must earn 3 semester units per term while holding office. 
      4. B. Maximum Allowable Units 
      5. Undergraduate students are allowed to earn a maximum of 150 semester units or 125 percent of the units required for a specific baccalaureate degree objective, whichever is greater. Graduate and credential students are allowed to earn a maximum of 50 semester units or 167 percent of the units required for the graduate or credential objective, whichever is greater. Students holding more than this number of units will no longer be eligible for minor student government office.
      6. **Please note: There is a petition process for contesting the unit cap but no petition process for students falling under the 2.0 GPA minimum
    8. A club may be held accountable for the actions of its members if the behavior is or can reasonably be considered to be related to the activities of the club. (Specific acts of such misconduct are spelled out in Section 41301 of Title 5 of The California Code of Regulations excerpted in the back of the university catalog under the section entitled, “Student Rights, Responsibilities & the Fine Print.”) Such misconduct need not be officially sanctioned by the club membership in order to be considered grounds for sanctions against the club. The individuals may be subject to separate criminal and/or university sanctions.
    9. Policy on Non-Student Club Members: Clubs established at Humboldt State University are supported through the Clubs & Activities Office with the intent of providing opportunities for students to have educational, cultural, recreational, and social experiences outside of the classroom. The Clubs & Activities Office recognizes that community members may enhance club activities and are welcome to be members of clubs. Please note that non-student members must also register on their clubs OrgSync portal (under the forms tab on said clubs portal). However, non-student club members are limited in the following ways:

      1. They may not hold an office position in the club.

      2. They may not be funded for club travel grants provided by AS and facilitated through the Club Coordinating Council (CCC).

      3. They cannot be the contact person for the club.

      4. A maximum of 20% of the members of a student organization may be individuals who are not currently enrolled HSU students.

      5. They cannot order equipment or reserve rooms. 

      6. They cannot vote on club-related business.

      7. They cannot accept payments or sell items on behalf of the club.

      8. Additional requirements apply for members of Sports & Recreational clubs, and Fraternities and Sororities. Please speak with the clubs and activities coordinator for additional information.

    In the event that you would like to file an appeal, make an appointment with the Clubs & ActivitiesCoordinator by calling the Clubs & Activities Office (707-826-3776) or by emailing

    Student Club and Organization Standards

    1. The purpose of the student clubs and organizations must be consistent with the laws of the State of California and policies developed by the University.

    2. Student clubs and organizations must not advocate, incite, or participate in interference or physical disruption of the educational process.

    3. The student clubs and organizations must maintain, at all times, a membership of at least five (5) matriculated students in good standing (cannot be on academic, administrative, or disciplinary probation with the University).  A maximum of 20% of the members of a student clubs and organizations may be individuals who are not HSU students, except for social fraternal organizations and sports clubs which must be 100% Humboldt State University students. 

    4. The student clubs and organizations must adhere to its own approved constitution. 

    5. The student clubs and organizations must maintain an active student-centered program.  Voting members of the organization must be regularly matriculated students at Humboldt State University and the treasurer of the campus organization must be under the direction of the student members. 

    6. Club Treasurers and Club Presidents must attend the mandatory “Club Financial Management” training each year and before the club will be permitted to conduct financial transactions.

    7. Dues and other membership fees must be used for the express benefit of the student clubs and organizations and the fulfillment of its purpose. 

    8. Recognition may be granted to local chapters of national or regional organizations provided the national or regional organization does not deny membership on the basis of age, disability (physical and mental), gender (or sex), gender identity (including transgender), gender expression, genetic information, marital status, medical condition, nationality, race or ethnicity (including color or ancestry), religion (or religious creed), sexual orientation, sex stereotype, and veteran or military status;. This affiliation must be disclosed during recognition renewal and a constitution and bylaws of affiliated organization must be on file with the Clubs and Activities Office.

    9. The student clubs and organizations officers must be in good academic standing (2.0 or better) and not on active academic, administrative or disciplinary conduct probation.

    10. Before a student clubs and organizations is granted official recognition, a faculty or staff member working more than half-time for the University must agree to serve as an advisor to the organization. Employees of University Auxiliary Organizations are not permitted to serve as student clubs and organizations advisors as regulated by California State University Executive Order 1068.  Housing employees and federal programs employees are permitted to serve as advisors.

    11. Student officers will re-register the student club or organization each year by renewing the organization profile on OrgSync. Each fall the club’s constitution should be reviewed and the updated copy must be uploaded to the OrgSync page. It is the clubs responsibility to maintain a current list of officers and to update OrgSync whenever this change occurs.  Recognized student clubs and organizations are permitted to use the name of Humboldt State University, Humboldt, Humboldt State, for only as a means of identifying the location of the organization. Such use should not imply University sponsorship or that the organization is an official agent of the University. For example, the “Social Club of Humboldt State” would be correct, but the “Humboldt State Social Club” would not.

    12. Student clubs and organizations are expected to provide for the safety and general welfare of all members and guests during sponsored activities. 

    13. Student clubs and organizations are to provide programs and activities in keeping with the social, cultural, recreational, and educational mission of the University. 

    14. Student clubs and organizations are expected to obey the laws; local, state and federal. Groups must also operate within the policies and procedures of the University, including the Student Code of Conduct (Title 5 Section 41301).

    15. As required by Section 41503 of Title 5 of the State Code of Regulations of California, the president of every recognized student clubs and organizations must sign a statement each year certifying that the organization has no rules or policies which inhibit its acceptance of new members because of age, disability (physical and mental), gender (or sex), gender identity (including transgender), gender expression, genetic information, marital status, medical condition, nationality, race or ethnicity (including color or ancestry), religion (or religious creed), sexual orientation, sex stereotype, citizenship, and veteran or military status.  This is done when completing the recognition organization profile renewal or during initial registration.

    16. The University mandates that only currently enrolled and regularly matriculated Humboldt State students may vote or hold office. Additionally, only Humboldt State regularly matriculated students are permitted to hold membership in Sports Clubs and Fraternity/Sorority social organizations. Each organization must keep current constitution/ bylaws on file (through OrgSync) with the Office of Clubs and Activities.

    17. Financially, the California State University system requires that all organizations wishing to transact monies do so in an account approved by the Chief Financial Officer of the University. At Humboldt State University, university bank accounts are the approved banking service.  If collecting money, funds MUST be maintained in a university on-campus bank account and processed through the club’s trust account. 

    18. The University will not recognize any fraternity, sorority, living group, honor society or other student clubs and organizations, unless its membership and leadership are open to all currently enrolled students at that campus, except that a social fraternity or sorority or other university living group may impose a gender limitation as permitted by Title 5, California Code of Regulations, Section 41500.