Promotion & Advertising

Community & Belonging Fair

The Clubs & Activities Office collaborates with the Health & Wellness program to present the Community & Belonging Fair each fall. The fair consists of a one-day gathering of campus clubs on the UC Quad. The fair provides an excellent opportunity for clubs to advertise their existence, solicit new members, raise funds, or hold demonstrations of club activities. This usually take place the third Wednesday of each semester. You will be notified of the dates of the fair and given the sign-up information during the first week of each semester.


Flyers and Other Promotion Opportunities

  1. Flyers being posted around campus on bulletin boards must each have a stamp from the University Center Information Desk. Please review University Center Bulletin Board Policy, available at the UC info counter or below under additional campus policies.
  2. All printed promotion for concerts or dances must say “18 and over or HSU ID required” unless given special permission by the Clubs Coordinator and Facility Manager.
  3. All flyers must have club name and contact number listed.
  4. All flyers for events funded by AS (through event grants) should contain the accessibility statement.
    • "Persons who wish to request disability related accommodations should contact the (club name and contact person) at (club phone), or email at (club email) as soon as possible. Some accommodations may take up to several weeks to arrange."
  5. The Clubs & Activities Office provides:
    • Bulk Mail Requests.
    • A calendar of activities on the website.
    • Chalking, Staking (putting a flyer on a wooden post), Tabling & Food Sale with food distribution certification cards.


Banner making materials are available through the Clubs Office (banner paper, large paint markers, colored chalk, stencils, etc.). These supplies are for recognized campus clubs wishing to advertise club related activities, publicize their club name, or for tabling. There is a room in Nelson Hall East for permanent banner storage, as well as a recycle box to hold your old banners for re-use (go to the Clubs Office for entry into this room).

There are a limited number of banner spaces allocated for use by Clubs and Organizations. Banner reservations may be made at the UC information Desk (707-826-4414). Each club is restricted to ten business days of banner space per semester. In the event that all club spaces are reserved, clubs may still submit banners to the Information Desk. They will be posted in the event of a cancellation or no-show of another banner.

Due to space limitations, the following guidelines must be adhered to:
  1. Banners may only be used to publicize special events open to and held primarily for the campus community.
  2. Banners may NOT be used to endorse political parties, candidates, or initiatives, including items pertaining to Associated Students elections.
  3. Banners must be larger than 2’ x 3’ but may not exceed 3’ x 5.5’ to advertise on the UC building
  4. Paper used to make banners must be at least equivalent in weight to butcher paper.
  5. Banners must be dry when submitted to the Information Desk.
  6. Banner space may be reserved up to one (1) academic semester in advance of the event. Banners may be submitted without a reservation; however, there is no guarantee they will be posted.
  7. Banners should be submitted to the Information Desk no later than 4:00 p.m. the weekday prior to the requested day of posting.
  8. In the event of inclement weather (wind, rain, etc.) banners will not be posted. Days that banners are not able to be posted still count as part of the ten-day limit.
  9. Banner materials are available for club use through the Clubs and Activities Office located in the South Lounge.
  10. The sponsoring club/organization’s name must be on the banner. Banners without the sponsor’s name will not be posted.
    • Reservations for a banner space should be made well in advance of the event through the University Center Information Counter (707-826-4414).

Tabling on the UC Quad

Clubs should check with the Information Desk before setting up tables in the lower quad to see if it has been reserved.


  1. Can only occur Monday through Friday 9AM – 5PM
  2. Cannot block walk-ways
  3. Cannot hock or pawn

On campus groups/departments

  1. Groups or individuals not associated with an official campus club and who want to table on the quad must fill out an appropriate tabling form available in the Clubs and Activities Office.
  2. These groups or individuals must supply their own table.

Recognized Clubs and Organizations

  1. Recognized Campus Clubs or Organizations must fill out the appropriate tabling form available at the Clubs Office.
  2. Clubs may not use state resources to endorse individual political candidates.

If clubs would like to table in other spaces on campus, they must obtain appropriate approval from the designated building coordinator. Clubs can pick up a Tabling Form in the Clubs Office, and our staff will direct them where to go and who to contact for approval.

Non-Profit Off Campus Organizations (Non-commercial Solicitor)

  1. Off campus groups or individuals are allowed to table on the UC quad as long as they are not selling anything or promoting a business. These groups must follow the general tabling rules as stated above.
  2. Non-profit groups must also provide proof of insurance listing HSU as additionally insured, endorsement for HSU to be completed by insurer, and a Non-commercial Solicitor Tabling Form. Forms and guides are available at our office.

For-Profit Off Campus Organizations (Commercial Solicitor)

  1. These groups or individuals will only be permitted to table during the first three weeks of the semester.
  2. These groups or individuals will be charged a $100 fee per day to table on the UC Quad.
    For the complete Quad Policy please visit the Student Affairs Website at:


Clubs may have a mix of color and black and white 8 1/2” x 11” photocopies made (up to 100 total per year) free of charge. This photocopying is limited to flyers and advertisements for events or meetings and does not include photocopies of internal club documents.

*Please note that one color copy counts as five black and white copies.

Steps to requesting copy services:
  1. Bring in/email flyer or advertisement to the Clubs Office.
  2. Let the Clubs Office know how many copies you are requesting, and whether they should be printed in color or black and white.
  3. Let the Clubs Office know when you’d like to pick up your copies. Clubs are responsible for picking up their own copies.
  4. All Club fliers being posted on campus bulletin boards must have a stamp from the University Center Info Desk.

Once you have reached your 100 free copy limit at the Clubs Office you will then be responsible to pay for photocopies elsewhere.

Clubs can request copy services through HSU Marketing and Communication. Please visit their website for more info on available services and costs at:

Bulk E-mail

Clubs may advertise their events via bulk e-mail. You can submit a Bulk E-mail Request Form via OrgSync at: . Bulk e-mail submissions must be received in the Clubs Office by 4PM on the Wednesday before the event. Due to student and staff concerns about “junk mail,” the University is extremely selective in approving bulk e-mail.

Your request must comply with the following criteria in order to be approved:
  1. It must pertain to official University business.
  2. It must pertain to the majority of the student body.
  3. It must be a campus-wide event.
  4. It cannot be used for fundraising or solicitation.
  5. It cannot publicize regular club meetings.


Chalking may be done on a limited basis and must first be approved by the Clubs Office and Plant Operations. Only “sidewalk chalk” may be used and there are limits as to where on campus you can chalk. Please stop by the Clubs Office to pick up the chalking permit and find out all of the details. After completion of the advertised event, clubs are responsible for cleaning up the chalk with a scrub brush and water. The Clubs Office has a bucket and scrub brush that can be used to remove chalking. If chalking happens in unpermitted areas or isn’t cleaned within 48 hours of the event, a club could lose its chalking privileges. The clubs office can revoke chalking privileges at any time and may institute no chalking days.

Staking Posters

Staking may be done on a limited basis and must first be approved by the Clubs Office and by Plant Operations. There are limits as to where on campus you can stake. There are also time limits for staking. Please stop by the Clubs Office to pick up the staking permit and find out all of the details. After completion of the advertised event, clubs are responsible for removing all the stakes.

Staking (Housing)

Housing has their own staking policies and approval forms. Please contact them directly at 707-826-3451.

Use of HSU Name or Symbol

Officially recognized student organizations have the opportunity to use the University’s name and logo in conformity with campus policies. The words “Humboldt State University,” “Humboldt State,” and “HSU” may be used.

Please visit Marketing and Communications website for Campus graphic identity standards, as well as downloadable HSU wordmarks at:

Posting in Residence Halls

Clubs may leave twelve approved posters at the Housing Office located on the second floor of the Jolly Giant Commons. These will be placed in each display cabinet in the residence halls; additionally, you may leave a stack of approved flyers to be posted on each floor on a space available basis. Flyers posted directly in the residence halls and/or Jolly Giant Commons without approval from Housing, or flyers without the approved university stamp, will be removed from the halls. In addition, any large banners on the 1st or 2nd floor of the JGC must be approved by the Housing Office (707-826-3451).

Table tents are no longer accepted. The Dining Manager recommends emailing information, or a PowerPoint slide, to use the Television systems in the Jolly Giant Dining and the Depot for advertisement.

Public service announcements (KHSU and KRFH)

For a complete listing of local media please contact the Clubs & Activities Office.

Promoting events through the Lumberjack Newspaper

Clubs may promote their events or meetings in the calendar section free of charge. Contact the Lumberjack Office (Gist Hall 227) at 707-826-3271. Publication is not guaranteed due to space limitations. You may also purchase ad space in the Lumberjack.


Your club may decide to publish a newsletter or brochure for distribution. It is important that you include the following disclaimer “The views in this publication (by “club name”) do not necessarily reflect those of Humboldt State University.”  This must be included in all publications, even if the newsletter is intended only to be distributed to club members.

Off-Campus Advertising

The City of Arcata has installed kiosks around the downtown area that can be used for publicizing events. Many local merchants will display posters and flyers in storefront windows also. Please check with the reception personnel of these merchants before posting or leaving flyers and brochures. It is illegal to post materials on utility poles or other private property without the permission of the owner.