Organizing Events

Statement of Insurance

Generally, anytime a club holds an official club event at a venue off campus, that facility will ask for a “Statement of Insurance” from HSU. 

The CSU has recently implemented a Club Liability Insurance Program [CLIP]. This insurance will cover most club events on and off campus. Unfortunately, Greek Lettered Organizations (Fraternities, Sororities, Honors Societies, etc) are not covered by this insurance. Some additional exceptions may apply, for instance, CLIP will not insure any event where alcohol is present.

Clubs are required to submit an “Event Request [choose “Create an Event” button on clubs portal in OrgSync]” under the Events tab found on their OrgSync portal. The Clubs & Activities Office will notify your club on the steps to determine if the venue you are holding the event requires insurance, and if so, how to obtain a “Statement of Insurance” from HSU.

Events are not guaranteed to be covered by CLIP. There may be some circumstances, when clubs may have to pay for their own insurance. It’s important to plan ahead! For high impact events, it’s best to submit the request as far in advance as possible. 

NOTE: All events held off campus must be approved by  the Clubs & Activities office and must be submitted 21 business days before the event. Clubs who do not meet that deadline will have their event request denied. 

Off-Campus Events

It is critical that clubs understand that all campus policies apply to events sponsored off campus, including, but not limited to, obtaining an alcohol permit from the  Risk Management Director anytime alcohol is planned to be present at an event. Clubs and individual club members face possible university judicial action as well as criminal and civil actions for events that violate university policies and/or state/local/federal laws. 

The University considers any activity or gathering that has been advertised with the club's name, either in print or by verbal representation, as an "event". In addition, if a “reasonable participant” could consider the event to be sponsored by a club or organization, the university and/or a jury could also consider the event to be sponsored by that club. Failure to submit an event request, whether intentional or accidental, does not excuse clubs from responsibility, liability, or sanctions if conduct issues arise from such events. 

The university assumes no responsibility for off-campus activities that have not gone through the approval process. If a club is interested in hosting an event off campus, members must get approval at least 15 business days prior to the date of the event if it is a standard event, such as a workshop, or film screening at a theatre, and at least 21 business days prior if it is a large scale event such as a dance, or concert. Exceptions may be made the first two [2] weeks of each semester only if the club works with the Clubs & Activities Office for approval.

REMEMBER: Event requests are submitted through OrgSync under the “Create an Event” button on each club’s portal.

On-Campus Events

One of the advantages of being a recognized Club or Organization is the ability to hold events on campus for low to no cost. On campus events include, but are not limited to:dances, concerts, workshops, lectures, film screenings (with purchased film rights), etc. The University has many facilities that may be reserved for little or no cost to clubs. (See “Reserving Facilities”)

Student Organizations must get approval at least 15 business days prior to the date of the event if it is a standard event (such as a workshop, small scale presentation, meeting, etc.), and at least 21 days prior if it is a large scale event, high risk, or high impact event. These events can include, but are not limited to, a dance or concert, political events, festivals, conferences, and controversial speakers. 

For larger/high impact/ high risk events, the university may ask that a representative from the organization come before the “Campus Events Working Group” to explain the details of the event. For certain events, University Police may recommend that professional security is necessary. In these cases, the club is responsible for financing University Police Officer presence or outside security.

Reserving Facilities

Clubs may use on-campus facilities for tabling, meetings and events. You must reserve spaces in advance for any on campus event. Possible facilities include, but are not limited to:

  • UC Quad may be reserved through the UC Information Counter (707-826-4414).

  • John Van Duzer Theater, Gist Theater, Art Quad

  • Classrooms, Siemens Hall rooms, Founders Hall rooms, including Green & Gold (FH_166)

  • Jolly Giant Commons, and Great Hall in housing 

  • Nelson Hall East meeting rooms, KBR (UC_225), Goodwin Forum (NHE_102),), UC Banquet Room

  • Rec and Wellness Center: RWC 125 & 126 (dance rooms), West Gym

  • Library: Fishbowl, CTL Conference room, etc

Charges for spaces:

Certain spaces on campus have charges attached to them. Your organization may also be charged for facilities maintenance if the needs of the event goes above and beyond the usual use of the space. Below are some spaces and their associated charges. This is not an exhaustive list, just the most utilized spaces for clubs and organizations.

  • Nelson Hall East (NHE), University Center (UC), and Rec and Wellness Center (RWC) charge $18/hr  for space usage outside their operating hours. Their operating hours are as follows:

    • NHE and UC: Monday-Friday 8am-10pm

    • RWC: Monday- Thursday 8am -9:30pm, Friday 8am-8pm, Sunday 12pm-6pm

  • Housing spaces have a baseline room cost dependent on the space and then additional costs for services used in the space (ex: tech)

    • Example: JGC Rec Room

      • $165 room set up fee

      • $105-130 room use fee

      • $65 food and drink fee

      • $55 A/V equipment fee

      • $55/hr tech support fee

  • Many campus theatres have fees attached to staff for lighting and stage technicians. 

Room Reservations: 

Room requests must be submitted through OrgSync for upcoming events. Event requests  [choose “Create an Event” button on clubs portal in OrgSync] can be submitted as early as five months in advance of the actual event, but cannot be submitted any less than 15 business days before the event, depending on the event. If the event is high risk or high impact event (see full description in Chapter 12: Terminology & Definitions), the event request must be approved 21 business days before the event is to occur.

Jolly Giant Commonshas several conference rooms available through the Office of Housing & Residence Life, located on the second floor of the JGC. These rooms are primarily for use by students living in the residence halls, but non-residents may reserve for HSU related purposes. There will be a charge for these spaces.

John Van Duzer Theatermust be approved and reserved through the Clubs & Activities Coordinator. This facility seats 750 people. Be prepared to pay for the use of this facility. The charges are: $15-20 per technician per hour (usually 2-3 people), you may also be charged an equipment rental fee. This facility is booked up to 2 years in advance so it requires a great deal of planning very far in advance. Contact the Clubs & Activities Coordinator for more information if you are considering this venue for an event. 

Gist TheaterMust be approved and reserved through the Clubs & Activities Coordinator. Be prepared to pay for the use of this facility. The charges are: $15-20 per technician per hour (usually 2-3 people), you may also be charged an equipment rental fee. This facility can be difficult to book, so it is a good idea to call early.

East Gym, Lumberjack Arena, KA Building Lobbies, The Pool, Upper Playing Field, Dance Studio (KA202A) and the Redwood Bowl: must be approved and reserved through the Clubs & Activities Coordinator. There may be additional facilities charges depending on the space. There are also limitations on outside spaces dependent on the weather. 

West Gym, Field House, West Gym 126 (dance studio) West Gym 125: These spaces can be reserved through Orgsync. There is a charge of $18/hr  for space usage outside their operating hours.

Residence Hall FacilitiesThese rooms can be reserved through Orgsync but there are charges for non-housing student organizations wanting to reserve these spaces.

BSS Native ForumThe space can be reserved through the University Center Information Desk. The focus of events in this space must be indigenous/Native American Identity. The space will be reviewed and approved by ITEPP to ensure it meets the intention of the space.

Art Quad: The space must be approved and reserved through the Clubs & Activities Coordinator. This space must be approved by the building coordinators of the buildings surrounding the art quad.  

Campus Events Policies and Procedures

Outside Music/ Sound Projection

Sound projection is permitted from 12pm-1pm Monday-Friday on the UC quad per the Campus Time, Place, Manner policy. To request an exception to this policy (ex: Friday Night Fundraiser on the UC Quad), work with the Clubs & Activities office to get permission from the Dean of Students Office. 

Sound and Lighting:

Clubs & Activities office has some portable speakers that are available for rental. If you are looking for a larger system, most of the local music stores will rent sound and lighting equipment to student groups. We suggest you call around for the best deal. 

Another recommendation would be to hire a DJ that can do both sound and lighting. Talk to the Clubs & Activities Coordinator to get additional help in your search and to ensure we can get them as an approved vendor on campus. 

Audio-Visual/ Media Equipment

The Kate Buchanan Room has a built in PA system, LED projector, CD player, DVD and VCR available to groups. Goodwin Forum also has some media equipment in the room. Clubs need to contact HSU Media Services to arrange for an equipment orientation meeting in the KBR or in Goodwin Forum in order to be able to use the equipment.

There are a variety of facilities on campus that come with audio and/or visual equipment (i.e. TV, projector, computer, speakers, etc.). For facilities that do not come with needed equipment media distribution services can provide equipment for a cost. Please follow the guidelines below:

  1. Reserve equipment at extension 3166 or visit Gist Hall 221.

  2. You will need your club’s trust account number.

NOTE: There may be a fee for using equipment. The sponsoring organization is responsible for any damaged or lost university equipment.

Attendance Policy

The sponsoring organization is responsible for the behavior of its members and guests. Attendance for dances/concerts is limited to the following:

  1. HSU students, faculty and staff with proper university identification.

  2. Non-students, 18 years of age or older, with proper identification.

  3. Exceptions can be made (i.e. for family events) with permission from the Clubs & Activities Coordinator and the facility manager.

  4. Attendance must not exceed the maximum capacity of the room or field in which the event is taking place.

  5. Events must end by 12 midnight unless given special permission by the facilities manager and the Clubs & Activities Coordinator.

Alcohol at Events

Generally, alcohol is not permitted at club events, whether it is on- or off- campus. Requests for serving of alcoholic beverages at events involving student participation MUST be submitted for approval to the Office of Risk Management at least one [1] month before the event. (Assistance with the process is available through the Clubs & Activities Office.)

Approval of alcohol is not guaranteed and will only be considered on special occurrences and never for a student majority event. NOTE: Permits for student clubs and/or organizations to serve alcohol are ONLY issued to staff/faculty advisors, not to students.

Public Performance Rights/ Film Rights

Clubs must ALWAYS obtain rights to movies, films, television episodes before showing them. Some documentaries/movies don’t cost anything but you MUST get permission from the copyright owners for a public performance.

Clubs & Activities Office has purchased 20 movie rights to various films (over 1,000 different movies titles). Additionally, the Library has Public Performance Rights for many educational films.

Students can apply for the film rights by submitting an event request. This is done through their  OrgSync portal; choose the “Create an Event” button on the “Events” tab. For more information on the law can be reviewed at the link below:

Free Speech Rules

You can find out more information about Free Speech under the “Chapter 11: Additional Campus Policies” under “Free Speech on CSU Campuses