Financial Information

Club Accounts

All clubs are required to conduct their financial activities through their University Accounts. External banking arrangements outside the University or campus auxiliary organizations are prohibited unless they fall under the requirements for “Off-campus Accounts”. If your club presently has an off-campus account it must be closed immediately and all funds must be deposited into your AS account. Failure to do so may result in losing your club status.

Clubs may set up a free checking and accounting service, supported by Gina Yap at the Cashiers Office, located in the Student Business Services 2nd Floor. Clubs will receive a bi-weekly email with their account information. You should review this email carefully when you receive it in your club’s HSU email account. 

If you have any trouble understanding the email, contact Gina Yap at 707-826-5278. You can also contact Gina through her email: or make a meeting with her: 

To set up an account, the club member in charge of finances (usually the treasurer) should obtain the necessary forms from the Clubs and Activities Office. There are two forms, the first being the "New Club Account Form," and the second a "Signature Authority Form." Signatures must be obtained from the Treasurer, Club Advisor, and the Club Coordinator. In order to receive the signature of the Club Coordinator, the club must be an active club. These signatures are then kept on file in the AS Office for reference. Clubs will then be assigned an account number. Signature forms must be updated annually, and when club treasures or advisors change.

Campus Accounts: 

All recognized clubs and organizations can be approved to create and maintain an account with Student Financial Services. These accounts are simple deposit and withdrawal accounts. The Club’s Treasurer and Advisor will be required to complete mandatory training prior to the requesting or utilizing a club account. Trainings will be available every semester and documents will be provided to the treasurer to initiate the creation of a club account at these trainings.

Off-campus Accounts: 

Student clubs and organizations can only have an off campus account if they have affiliations with national organizations that require one and/or are recognized with 501(c)(3) non-profit status. These clubs must apply for permission to maintain an off-campus banking, savings or investment account. This authorization must be renewed annually at the beginning of the fall semester through the Clubs & Activities Office. Many of the basic rules of oversight and management of accounts that apply to on-campus accounts should be applied to off-campus accounts as well. Service charges will vary depending on the type of account and which financial institution is used. Proper cash handling must still be followed when handling cash or cash equivalents. 

New Account Setup and Account Renewal

  1. After initiating the Club Activation Process through OrgSync, clubs will be notified that president, treasurer and advisor have been approved to proceed with account activation.

  2. Club Treasurer must attend training on “Cash Handling” practices. We recommend a back up as well in case the treasurer is unable to fulfill their duties.

  3. Advisor must complete the online training.

  4. Treasurer obtains the “Student Clubs and Organizations Financial Agreement” form when “Cash Handling” training is completed. Once it is signed by the Club’s Advisor, it is returned to the Clubs Office UC240. New club accounts will also need to complete the “Agreement for Establishment of a Student Club Trust Fund”.

  5. After review by Student Financial Services (SFS), clubs will be notified that their account has been established. Access to these funds are only valid for the current academic year.

  6. Each academic year and when there is any change in the role of advisor and/or treasurer, Student Financial Services requires those positions to complete the “Cash Handling” trainings before the club can access account funds or process transactions. 


Club Financial Management

For the policies and procedures regarding the following processes, please refer to the “Student Club Financial Handbook” at:

  • Depositing to authorized accounts

  • Authorized cash handlers

  • Verifying deposits

  • Securing cash

  • Proper receipts

  • Reimbursement process

  • Same day reimbursements under $300 (not including travel or grants)

  • Steps to depositing funds into your Club Account

Steps to Filling Out a Check Request

  1. Obtain all original receipts, invoices, purchase orders, service agreements (with a legitimate independent contractor) and etc. A credit card charge with itemized receipt is acceptable. Please make it a habit of retaining all original receipts.

  2. Fill out a “check request” available in the AS Business Office. You will need to include a detailed explanation of the expenditure, as this will appear on your printout. Checks are disbursed twice a week; therefore requests should be filled out before the check is needed.

  3. Submit “check request” along with original receipts to the AS Business Office and retain the pink copy and a copy of your receipt for your records.

Steps to Depositing Funds Into Your AS Account

  1. Fill out a “deposit slip” available in front of our office. You will need to include a detailed explanation of the deposit, as this will appear on your printout.

    1. The “deposit slip has carbon copies; the original white and yellow copies must be detached and deposited with the money (this could include cash or checks).

    2. Put the white and yellow copies of the “deposit slip” and the cash or checks in an envelope (these can be obtained from the AS Business Office) and deposit into the mail slot in front of the UPD office on the first floor of the SBS. Deposits can also be done at the Cashier's Office (SBS 2nd Floor) and will not require an envelope. Keep the pink copy for your records.

Accounting Forms for Clubs: