Donations, Solicitations and Fundraising

Definition of Donations and Fundraisers

Generally, donations are considered to be the complete, voluntary and unconditional transfer of money or other assets. Fundraisers typically include a transfer of money in exchange for a service or product, such as a car wash.

Funding Requests

All campus funding requests from the president’s office should be submitted with a categorical budget to the Office of Student Affairs. Clubs and Organizations should not solicit funding directly from the President without prior approval from the Vice President of Student Affairs.


Your club may ask for donations from a variety of sources including club members, parents, local and national retailers, as well as alumni and friends of the university. The Office of University Advancement recommends that you refer to the “University Communication & Solicitation Guidelines” at: regarding all donation solicitations.

If you do not find the information readily available in the guidelines, please contact Advancement Services for clarification. They can be reached at 707-826-5200.

Clubs who receive cash/check donations or non cash gifts (In-kind donation) will need to fill out a Donation Acknowledgement form and submit it to University Advancement Gift Processing Center (SBS 285). This form can be found at the Clubs and Activities Office

Types of Fundraisers

There are a variety of fundraising activities clubs may sponsor. A few suggestions are: food sales, car washes, drawings, dances, thons (walk-a-thon, etc.). Different fundraising activities may be regulated by certain campus policies. Income generated through fund-raising must be deposited on a regular basis into your University Checking Account. Contact the Clubs Office for further clarifications of policies or additional fundraising ideas. If you are selling product, please complete the fundraising form found at this link:


All solicitors must adhere to the University’s policy regarding the dissemination of information and/or products. Any action that would disrupt the Universities educational mission will not be permitted. The University regulates time, place, and manner of all forms of speech, presentations, solicitations, and sales.

To view the solicitation policy in its entirety please visit:

Food Policy

On campus food sales is restricted to University recognized student organizations. Organizations wishing to sell food on campus must complete a Food Permit on OrgSync for each event in which food will be served. Once they have completed the form it will need to be approved by our office and the Campus Food Safety Officer. Each member that will be handling the food must complete a food safety certification program, ServSafe. This only needs to be completed once every 3 years, but must have proof of completion for the food sales and distribution form. All organizations participating in food sales and handling must adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Temporary Food Facilities and Food Sanitation Policy [Executive Memorandum P10-02].

Any club or organization who wishes to operate a temporary food facility on the HSU campus must submit a Food Sales and Distribution Form to the office of Environmental Health and Safety at least five (5) working days prior to the preparation and/or dispensing of any food items. Upon receipt of the application, the Food Safety Officer will review the application and will either issue a permit or return the application with one of the following notices within forty-eight (48) hours:
Denied – request further information
Denied – proposed food items are not allowed under the HSU Temporary Food Facility Policy
Pending – Food Safety Officer needs to consult Humboldt County Department of Health Services

To review the complete Temporary Food Facilities and Food Sanitation Policy, please visit:

Merchandise Sales

Only organizations recognized by the University may hold sales on campus by filling out the appropriate tabling form at the Clubs Office prior to the date of the sale. Since there are a limited number of tables available from the Clubs Office, it is best practice to get the tabling form into the Clubs Office as soon as possible

If clubs would like to table in other spaces on campus, they must obtain appropriate approval from the designated building coordinator. Be in contact with the Clubs and Activities Office in order to receive a Tabling Form, as well as the contact information needed for the building coordinator where you plan to table.

All funds must be submitted by the next business day into the club’s account. The deposit box can be found in front of the UPD Office (SBS 1st Floor) but funds can also be deposited at the Cashier's Office (SBS 2nd Floor). Please see the “Financial Information” section for the steps for depositing funds.

Athletic Events

For opportunities to be involved at HSU athletic events contact Stephanie Lane, Associate Director of Athletics at 826-4529 or visit the Clubs Office to reserve tables at Football Games.

Club Events

Any club event that collects money must deposit all funds into their AS club account. For information on organizing club events, please refer to “Organizing Events” section of this handbook.


A Raffle is a form of lottery in which a number of persons buy one or more chances to win a prize. All raffles must be approved by the Clubs & Activities Office. Please submit a Fundraising Submission Request and get it approved before you conduct your raffle.

Only approved campus clubs or organizations can have raffles. Alcohol may not be offered as a prize. Also, 50/50 raffles are not permitted per State law. Clubs must keep 90% of the profits for their organization.


A Drawing is different than a raffle. When conducting a drawing, tickets are not sold, they are often given for free when attending an event or when a donation is made to an organization.

Only approved campus organizations can have them.
Alcohol may not be offered as a prize.