Support Through the Clubs & Activities Office

The Clubs & Activities Office is located on the second floor of the University Center,  South Lounge. Clubs can pick up their mail, work on banners, check out club supplies, and do club-related work in this office and/or NHE 115. The Clubs & Activities Office provides a welcome resource when in search of answers about club functions and policies. The office is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. You can reach us at 707-826-3776, by email at

Connect, Collaborate & Communicate! 

Here are some of the ways we support staying connected and keeping informed:

Club Mail

The Clubs & Activities Office will receive postal mail, as well as inter-campus mail, on behalf of all active clubs. Due to space limitations, Clubs & Activities office no longer provides permanent mailboxes. Club will be notified when mail arrives and all correspondence will be held securely until club members can retrieve it. Deadlines for retrieving mail will be set and enforced by the Club Coordinator.  


It is recommended that anything purchased for the organization or on behalf of the organization should be mailed to an “on-campus “address. The Clubs & Activities office can receive deliveries on behalf of clubs and organizations. Please use this address when placing orders:

[Club Name]

Humboldt State University

 Clubs & Activities Office, UC 240

1 Harpst St

Arcata, CA 95521

Club Email

Email accounts are assigned to all campus clubs. The Clubs & Activities Office assigns email accounts to club presidents through HSU’s email system. Clubs are strongly encouraged to use their official HSU club email for communication, as it is listed as the primary contact for the club on the Clubs and Activities website. Feel free to work with the clubs and activities staff to get a better understanding of how this email works. If you wish to add additional users to have access to your club’s HSU assigned email, please fill out the “Grant Email Access Form” on OrgSync via this link:

Club Web Space

All Clubs are automatically assigned a club webspace through OrgSync. Login information is the same as your personal HSU login information. These club OrgSync portals have been designed to be a resource for clubs, students, prospective students and the HSU community. Each webspace gives clubs the ability to update important information such as club meeting times, location, club events and how to join. Other features on the webspace include an Activities Calendar, Clubs & Activities Office announcements, downloadable forms, and the Club Handbook.

Clubs Newsletter

The Clubs and Activities office emails out a weekly newsletter on Thursdays to all clubs. Included in the newsletter are flyers, links, and other information about events happening on campus.  We encourage clubs to keep us up-to-date on activities and events so that we can help spread the word. Additionally, the newsletter is a great resource to find out what’s going on around campus and within the community. 

If you are interested in sending out a flyer through the newsletter, please email a JPEG flyer to before 5pm on Wednesdays to be sent out with the Thursday Newsletter.

Club Supplies

The Clubs & Activities Office has supplies available to clubs for fundraising or other purposes. Supplies should be returned clean, dry and in good condition. Cleaning supplies are available upon request. Equipment should be reserved in advance to ensure availability. Items not returned and/or damaged must be replaced by the club that checked the items out.

Sample of Supplies Available

  • 12 large tables (3’ x 5’)*

  • Small and large coffee percolators

  • Security jackets/vests

  • Extension cords

  • Ice chests

  • Whiteboards

  • Games!

  • PA systems

  • Banner Paper 

Click here for more detailed list:

NEW POLICY: An agreement stipulating club responsibility related to damaged or missing items is now required for some items [generally high cost equipment]. The form must be signed by a registered club member and is only applicable for approved club events.  

Leadership Resource Library (Located in the Clubs and Activities office)

The Leadership library is a small collection of leadership books designed to help clubs and organizations run more effectively and efficiently. Resource books and games are available and can be checked out (2 week limit). Club officers are encouraged to use these resources to help with running meetings, recruiting and retaining members, team-building and other group activities. The Leadership Library is located in the UC, in the Clubs and Activities office. You must come to the Clubs & Activities Office during office hours (9am-5pm Monday- Friday) to check out leadership supplies.