Funding Through Associated Student Grants

AS Event Funding Grants

Grant application deadlines occur each month throughout the academic year, while funding is available. Deadlines are publicized through the Clubs Newsletter, which is emailed to all Club emails and Club president every Thursday. For specific questions about event grants, email

Clubs and Activities Grants up to $2,000

Clubs and Activities Grants (CAG) are available for on-campus events and activities that are free to HSU students and open to the community. Grants are used to encourage student groups to put on high quality events or invite speakers, performers, and professionals to campus. All events receiving a Clubs and Activities Grant must occur before the last day of spring semester.

Cultural Programming Grants up to $2,400

Cultural Programming Grants [CPG] are available for on-campus events and activities that are free to HSU students, and open to the community. Cultural Programming Grants are used to encourage student groups to put on high quality events or invite speakers, performers, and professionals to campus to facilitate events that promote social justice, educate and raise awareness of cultural diversity, equity, cultural celebrations and traditions. All events receiving a Cultural Programming Grant must occur before the last day of spring semester.

Stipulations for all grants:

  • Applications must be submitted through OrgSync and reviewed/approved by the Club Advisor before each deadline cycle.

  • Preferences will be given to programs that have secured support from other sources, such as fundraising.

  • This money is not intended to fund equipment or classroom activities or endorse political candidates.

  • Grant application must be submitted prior to the event. Grants will not be allocated retroactively. Exceptions can be requested from the Clubs & Activities Office only for the first Grant Cycle.

  • Grant funds can be used to pay travel costs for a speaker or performer, including lodging and rental car expenses

  • Any food purchases must be an integral part of the event- not the sole purpose of the event. Only University approved vendors may cater or deliver food on campus.

  • No more than $2,000 can be allocated to any one organization in any one semester for CAG and no more than $2,400 for CPG or events that are combined.  

  • If an organization requires more than the maximum for an event, members are encouraged to seek AS unallocated funds.

  • All events receiving a grant must display the AS logo, Accessibility Statement, and the name of the sponsoring student group on all promotional materials. 

    • Accessibility Statement: This event is wheelchair accessible. Persons who wish to request disability-related accommodations, including sign-language interpreters, should contact: [club contact email] or call [club contact phone number]. Please request accommodations at least two weeks prior to the event

  • All publicity for events shall be reviewed and approved by the Clubs in advance of posting. NEW! CSU policy requires clubs use HSU Marketing & Communications services for printing, unless exemption is granted.

  • Club members must meet with Clubs Coordinator and Clubs Office Manager within two weeks of being notified of grant.

  • AS Events Board may impose additional stipulations when awarding funds and failure to follow stipulations may result in loss of grant.

Funding Limitations

These funds are generated through Associated Student Fees; the following limitations need to be considered when applying for funding.

We CAN fund the following

  • Publicity (flyers, posters, newspaper ads, etc.)

  • Lodging for speaker/performer

  • Supplies & Equipment rental for proposed events

  • Nonprofit/nondiscriminatory events

  • Fees for speaker/performer (NOTE: HSU faculty, staff, administrators, or students may NOT receive speaker fees)

  • Travel costs for speaker/performer

  • Refreshments

We CANNOT fund the following

  • Equipment purchases

  • Classroom activities

  • Alcohol or drugs

  • Non-event specific publications/pamphlets/booklets

  • Tournaments/games/fundraising events

  • Clothing or costumes

  • Awards, wages, or specialty items for club members

  • Presenters or performers who are HSU faculty, staff, administrators, or students

  • Fundraisers

Grant Application Process

    1. Applications are submitted through OrgSync.
    2. Only COMPLETED applications that are approved by club advisor will be considered.

    3. Note: Events occurring after a grant deadline will not be considered for funding. The only exceptions are events occurring before the first grant deadline. An exception is at the discretion of the A.S. Events Board and requires that stipulations have been met.

    4. Clubs must ALSO submit an Event Request (through club portal) before they can present request to AS Board.

    5. Contact person and advisor will be notified via email of the day and time to present grant request to the A.S. Event Board (meetings are generally the week after following the application deadline).

    6. At least one student representative from the club must be present at appointment time. Failure to appear at Board meeting will likely result in a funding request denial.

    7. All flyers advertising events must include an accessibility statement, AS Logo, and name of sponsoring student group. All publicity must be approved by the Clubs Office prior to distribution.

    8. CSU policy requires clubs use HSU Marketing & Communications services for printing, unless exemption is granted.

    9. If event is canceled or postponed, it is the club’s responsibility to contact the Clubs and Activities Office at 707-826-3776 as soon as possible. Clubs who fail to notify Clubs Office may jeopardize future grant request approval.

    Funding for these grants are provided and supported by the Associated Students of Humboldt State University. 

Clubs Travel Grants

The Club Coordinating Council [CCC] facilitates funding for club travel. This funding comes from the Associated Students and provides the means for clubs to attend conferences and education-centered events. Travel funds (amount available each year is subject to change) may be used for conference/activity fees; lodging; and transportation costs.

For the more information about Travel Grants, including stipulations and deadlines, see section in Club Handbook.


There are stipulations in order to receive funding:

  • Funding must be requested at least three (3) weeks before the dates of travel via online applications through OrgSync (Sooner the better!)

  • All necessary forms, for travel to be sanctioned by HSU,  must be completed five (5) business days before travel occurs. 

  • Travel funds are only available for travel within the continental United States. 

  • Reimbursement occurs after the travel takes place and requires submitting OrgSync forms, along with proper receipts

  • Failure to follow HSU travel procedures, can result in loss of grant funding and inability to reimburse from the club account

  • Clubs who travel without submitting required travel paperwork may be subject to sanctions and/or disciplinary action 

  • Applications are accepted until funding is exhausted; Balance of  funding is advertised weekly through the Clubs Newsletter

  • ***Non-Student travelers cannot receive grant funds but may still be required to complete the pre-travel paperwork

Tips on How to Receive Funding
  1. CCC assesses clubs’ need to determine funding for club travel grants. Club members are asked questions about the trip’s purpose, how it will better attendees, what will be shared with HSU community post-travel, etc. 

  2. It’s important for clubs to come prepared to the CCC meetings, and are knowledgeable about their travel. 

  3. Clubs are more likely to receive funding if they are putting in an effort to raise money from other sources, such as fundraising, donations, department letters, etc.

  4. Clubs are more likely to receive desired funding if possible expenses are well-researched and calculated (gas prices, hotel room rates, etc.).

  5. Travel funding is for a club activity. Unless costs are unusually expensive, we discourage solo traveling. In a given unusual circumstance, a solo club member may apply for a grant if he/she has proof of substantial club member support.

  6. Applications for Travel Grants that are incomplete will not be accepted.  You must list all of the students who will be traveling, along with their HSU ID#s. This can be edited after the meeting, but it could affect your grant allocation.

  7. We will only provide reimbursement for HSU students who have registered as club members on OrgSync. Calculate your expenses accordingly.

  8. CCC meetings are held weekly and grant applications are awarded meetings times on a 1st come 1st serve basis. Please turn in your travel funding applications as early as possible so that they may be reviewed prior to the trip.

The total amount clubs can receive in travel grants is determined by Associated Students and the exact amount may vary from year to year. Grant applications are available via OrgSync at:

For questions call the Clubs & Activities Office at (707) 826-3776, or email the staff at

NOTE: Per the “Prohibition on State-Funded and State-Sponsored travel to States with Discriminatory laws” (AB 1887), the following states with discriminatory laws are currently subject to California’s ban on state-funded and state-sponsored travel. Clubs cannot be reimbursed from state funds for travel expenses to these states:

  1. Alabama

  2. Kansas

  3. Kentucky

  4. Mississippi

  5. North Carolina

  6. Oklahoma

  7. South Carolina

  8. South Dakota

  9. Tennessee

  10. Texas

For more information on the limited exceptions to AB 1887, please visit the California Department of Justice webpage:



Call the Clubs & Activities Office at (707)826-3776