Travel Forms (Non-Grants)

ALL club travel requires paperwork to be submitted- whether you get a travel grant or not. Each individual club member needs to submit a signed release of liability prior to club travel. Paperwork needs to be completed and submitted at least 1 week before you plan on traveling.

***There is additional in-person paperwork for drivers (background checks, driving authorization, etc.) so please submit main paperwork in a timely fashion so we have time to get the rest of the steps completed.


Event Grant Forms

***Event Grant Applications need to be completed and submitted before the appropriate deadline dates***

If you received Event Grant Funding (CAG or CPG), this form ( is to be completed within two weeks after your event before we can start processing payments and reimbursements.

Travel Grant Forms

***Travel Grant Applications need to be completed and submitted at least 3 weeks before you plan on traveling***

Drivers: there is additional paperwork to be picked up in our office! Please complete the defensive driving training and then come into the Clubs & Activities Office with your defensive driving card, driver's license and insurance to complete the additional forms.

Travel Grant Checklist

  1. Travel Grant Application completed and submitted to the Clubs Office (at least 3 weeks before planned travel)
  2. Clubs Office Staff will schedule you a CCC Meeting to review your application
  3. Club will be notified of grant allocation and additional steps needed to complete before traveling
  4. Pre-Travel Release and Hold Harmless Form (every student participating in travel)
  5. Driver information:
  • Drivers License
  • Insurance
  • Defensive Driving Card
  • Additional paperwork to be completed in office- volunteer id form, etc.
  • Set up a meeting with Pamela Kirschner (Clubs & Activities Office Manager) to turn in all reciepts from the travel.
  • Complete and submit the Travel Grant Reimbursement Form within 2 weeks of returning from the trip.
  • Food Permit

    ***Deadline for permit applications is five (5) business days prior to the preperation/sales/distributuion of food.***

    Coffee Cart

    ***Deadline for Coffee Cart applications is ten (10) working days prior to the preparations/sales/distribution of food.***

    Fundraising Submission Request

    ***The deadline for fundraising applications is ten (10) working days prior to the anticipated fundraiser.***

    Movie Rights Application 

    ***The Clubs and Activities Office with funds from Associated Students purchases 20 movie rights each year for clubs to utilize at their events. The event must be free entry - not a club fundraiser.***

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