UC Quad Regulations: Tabling, Banners, Etc

Tabling on the UC Quad

Organizations interested in tabling at Humboldt State must check with the Clubs & Activities Office before setting up tables in the lower and upper quad to see if it has been reserved. Requests for tabling on the UC Quad are to be made through the Clubs & Activities Office, located in University Center 240. We have a key to the closet where the tables are stored.

General Rules 

  • Tabling can occur between 9am – 5pm, Monday through Friday

  • Tables cannot block walkways

  • Tabling may not be used to hock or pawn

  • If there is another group who reserved the UC Quad, they receive priority for the space and get to determine how the space is utilized. 

Recognized Clubs and Organizations Tabling

  • Recognized Campus Clubs or Organizations must fill out the appropriate tabling form once a semester available at the Clubs & Activities Office.

  • Clubs may not use state resources to endorse individual political candidates.

Non-Profit On Campus Tabling

  • Off campus groups or individuals are allowed to table on the UC quad as long as they are not selling anything or promoting a business. These groups must follow the general tabling rules as stated above and must supply their own table.

  • All off campus non-profit organizations need to complete the tabling form for Non-Profit Solicitors,provide Proof of Insurance that meets the CSU requirements, lists HSU as additionally insured, and has the insurer provide or sign an endorsement.If they are not able to provide this insurance, the non-profit organization can request an exemption from the Director of Risk Management. 

For-Profit On Campus Tabling

  • These groups or individuals will only be permitted to table during the first three weeks of the semester.

  • There is a charge of $100 per day for these groups to table on the Quad

  • All off campus for-profit organizations need to complete the tabling form,  provide Proof of Insurance that meets the CSU requirements, lists HSU as additionally insured, and has the insurer provide or sign an endorsement.

  • For the complete Quad Policy please visit the Student Affairs Website at: https://policy.humboldt.edu/sa0001-university-quad-events-policy

Tabling other places at HSU

If clubs would like to table in other spaces on campus, they must obtain appropriate approval from the designated building coordinator. Clubs can pick up a Tabling Form in the Clubs & Activities Office, and our staff will direct them where to go and who to contact for approval. For any sales of product or food, please refer to the “Clubs Financial Handbook”.

Hanging Banners on the UC Quad

RSO’s Clubs may choose to promote their club/club event by hanging a banner on railings surrounding the quad. There are a limited number of banner spaces allocated for use, so banner reservations must be made at the UC information Desk (707-826-4414). Each RSO club is restricted to ten (10) business days of banner space per semester. In the event that all club spaces are reserved, RSO clubs may still submit banners to the Information Desk. They will be posted in the event of a cancellation or no-show of another banner. 

Banner Use Guidelines 

Due to space limitations, the following guidelines must be adhered to:

  1. Banners may only be used to publicize special events open to and held primarily for the campus community.

  2. Banners may NOT be used to endorse political parties, candidates, or initiatives, including items pertaining to Associated Students elections.

  3. Banners must be larger than 2’ x 3’ but may not exceed 3’ x 5.5’ to advertise on the UC building

  4. Paper used to make banners must be at least equivalent in weight to butcher paper.

  5. Banners must be dry when submitted to the Information Desk.

  6. Banner space may be reserved up to one (1) academic semester in advance of the event. Banners may be submitted without a reservation; however, there is no guarantee they will be posted.

  7. Banners should be submitted to the UC Information Desk no later than 4:00 p.m. the weekday prior to the requested day of posting.

  8. In the event of inclement weather (wind, rain, etc.) banners will not be posted. Days that banners are not able to be posted still count as part of the ten-day limit.

  9. Banner materials are available for club use through the Clubs and Activities Office of Student Life located in the South Lounge.

  10. The sponsoring RSO’s name must be on the banner. Banners without the sponsor’s name will not be posted.

  11. Reservations for a banner space should be made well in advance of the event through the University Center Information Counter (707-826-4414).