Starting a New Club

So you went to Lumberjack Link and didnt see the organization you wished we had on campus? 

Well we are here to help you out in getting a new  club started! Email and we can help you through the steps and make sure you can get it done before the semester deadline. 

Steps to Create a New Organization

Every successful organization started with a group of like-minded individuals seeking a structured way to share ideas and create community. Grassroots groups can become cutting edge organizations that make positive contributions and change in our world. Humboldt encourages students to take on leadership roles by forming new RSOs and the Office of Student Life is committed to supporting those endeavors. 

 We encourage you to research what types of RSOs already exist at Humboldt.  The Office of Student Life staff can assist in answering questions about RSOs that may closely resemble what you are seeking. While we encourage students to take an active role in leadership development and community engagement that being an RSO provides: there is a limited number of resources available and competing for members and/or duplication of efforts with similar organizations can be problematic.

IMPORTANT: Before you take steps to start a new RSO, please email the Office of Student Life at so we can provide you resources, such as: constitutions from inactive clubs, training dates, etc! 

Students can initiate the steps to start a new RSO by submitting an easy form found here

The following information will be needed in order to submit the form:

  • Point of Contact - student with whom we will communicate regarding the new RSO process

    • This person is responsible for submitting this form, along with uploading the required documents. It is most often the President of the proposed RSO.

  • Names and Humboldt emails of eight [8] students who are eligible to serve as the founding members of the new RSO: 

    • Member requirements: Fully matriculated/currently enrolled Humboldt student

  • Name and email of an Humboldt staff or faculty to serve as an advisor. 

    • Advisor requirements: Person must be an Humboldt employee who works at least part time [.5 base]. Humboldt auxiliary employees [ex: Dining Services or Associated Students] are not allowed to be advisors

  • Constitution​ - All new student organizations must have their constitution approved by the CCC. It is an important component of becoming an Humboldt Student Organization.

    • This sample constitution can be used as a guideline. NOTE: RSOs will be allowed to make edits based on suggestions from the CCC. 

Students can submit the application to start a new RSO anytime during the academic year.  The initial process & conditional approval may take 7-10 business days.  Here is what to expect once the form is submitted:

  1. Applications are reviewed by the Clubs Coordinating Council [CCC], which is a committee of Humboldt students who determine if the prospective RSO meets all the requirements. 

  2. Within a 2-3 business days, the Office of Student Life will contact you to schedule an appointment to meet with the CCC.

  3. Any/All prospective RSO members may attend the meeting with the CCC. The main purpose of the meeting is to determine/confirm:

  • All eight students on roster are eligible to be members

  • Selected Advisor is eligible and willing to serve

  • Constitution is complete and meets requirements

    • If there are revisions to the constitution, RSO will be given a deadline to make edits

  • Prospective RSO is not duplicative of existing organizations 

  • Once all of the above conditions are met, the new RSO will be granted conditional active status and directed to complete the “Organization Registration” form in Lumberjack Link. 

  • Final Steps:

    • You will be assigned a GPS [Guide/Program Support], which is a student staff member from OSL who will provide you with all the next steps to become fully activated, which include mandated trainings on:

      • Title IX

      • Anti-Hazing

      • Alcohol & Other Drugs

      • Financial Management Training

      • RSO Policies & Procedures

      • Travel Authorization

      • Event Approval Process

    • GPS will communicate with POC all the next steps to become fully activated and contact the RSO Advisor with the steps they are required to complete.

    • Until RSO finshes all requirements, they are granted conditional activation status so that they can recruit new members

    NOTE: The "RSO Recognition/Activation'' period is limited to the first four weeks after classes begin each semester for established student organizations. Newly formed RSOs will be given additional opportunities throughout the semester to finish reactivation. However, if they fail to complete all the steps within the semester they are granted conditional activation status, they will need to begin the process [by submitting the form to start a new organization] over again the following semester.