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Pamela Kirschner

Office of Student Life ASC


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Molly Kresl

Office of Student Life Coordinator


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Alondra Ortiz

Student Staff

Alondra is a Junior studying Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing, and an Econ minor. She hopes to one day work in the sex industry with her business degree and destigmantize “taboos” related to sexual expression and safety.

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Drew Russell

Student Staff

I am a Third year Forestry Student with a Concentration in Restoration at Humboldt State University. I am originally from the Midwest, Illinois to be exact and I absolutely love the outdoors. This includes going on hikes, gardening, riding motorcycles, going on jogs, and much more! 

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Madi Bloom

Student Staff

 Hi my name is madi and im a wildlife student here at HSU. When im not working or doing school work im at the beach petting strangers dogs and finding new fun things to do with my friends

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Hina Hassan

Student Staff

Hi I am Hina, I am from Hong Kong and my major is International Studies. I love to do crafts, learn a language, and watch shows.

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