Queer Student Union (QSU)

Above all, we're a fun and safe place for queer-identified People and allies. Our meetings focus on keeping the individuals safe and happy, and then on creating a sense of community in our queer population through planning and informing members of events, playing games, chatting, and often going to ice cream when the meeting is over. new friends and gain support. It's a chance to be part of a community, make friends, and actively participate in HSU queer life.

About the Club

The first Thursday of every month is a potluck, and the last Thursday is a Check-In (a confidential time facilitated by the president to vent, talk about your troubles, or simply state some of the positive or negative things going on in your life, without fear of judgement)

Membership Qualifications

Be queer-positive, and willing to help create and maintain a healthy queer community!

How to Join

Simply come to our meetings. There is no written record, so feel free to come and go whenever you please. If you want to be on our confidential email list, just email us and say so.

Facebook: We have a private one for the confidentiality of our members. If you come to a meeting, there will be instructions on how to be a part of it.


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Meeting Information

Time: Thursday Every Week at 7 p.m.
Location: Vine Deloria Room, in the Multicultural Center