F.R.E.E. (Finding Resources and Empowerment through Education)

Finding Resources and Empowerment through Education (F.R.E.E.) strives to provide leadership by encouraging advocacy,values,and customs that will lead to the continued recruitment, retention and graduation of low-income and undocumented students. As students of Humboldt State we have noticed that there isn't resources for students who are low-income and who fall under the AB540 category. F.R.E.E's goals for this semester are to make this institution a AB-540 friendly/aware campus.

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About the Club

In the past FREE has organized workshops to help high school students pursuit a higher education by providing a college readiness conference. FREE has attended an AB 540 Conference in order to better understand what resources and networks can act as support systems for marginalized students; with this knowledge FREE hopes to make HSU an AB 540 a friendly campus. FREE has facilitated workshops educating our HSU campus and community about:

  • Deferred Action for Children Arrivals (DACA)
  • AB 540
  • AB 130
  • AB 131

FREE also does service for the community twice a month and attends Latin@ Net meetings in order to bridge the gap between HSU and the local community. FREE continues to share knowledge and acts as allies to advocate for underrepresented students.

Fall 2012- Fall 2013

FREE is working tirelessly in order to bring attention to the lack of support to undocumented students. We are doing this through:

  • Building talks with administrators,faculty, and staff
  • Invited Dolores Huerta as key note speaker to touch on the misrepresentation of communities
  • Invited Dr. Miguel Zavala to the Institute for Student Success (The Spring 2013 Institute for Student Success will provide staff, faculty, and administrators with information, resources, and strategies useful in supporting a variety of student learning needs and enhancing the success of students from diverse backgrounds. The Spring Institute will include a range of workshops focused on various topics, from creating inclusive campus environments to effective pedagogy.)
  • Building dialogue on the unification of Latin@ students at Humboldt State.
  • Hosted a week long event "Undocuweek of Awareness", filled with events that raise awareness centered on the theme of obstacles and barriers that undocumented people and students face everyday followed by dialogues on how overcome these issues.
  • All of our members are trained as prepares for the discretionary determination Deferred Action for Childhood Arrives (DACA), those who wish to apply to this program, we can service them by filling out the paperwork step by step.

Membership Qualifications

The qualifications to be apart of FREE are:

  • To be able to attend our weekly meetings
  • Be passionate about the cause FREE is advocating
  • Willing to be an ally
  • Be able to speak out against racism,sexism,homophobia, ableism and any kind of barrier that doesn't respect individuality and communities.

How to Join

Be able to attended our weekly meetings, participate in leading workshops, and most of all be enthusiastic about building a support system for undocumented students.


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Meeting Information

Time: Tuesdays 8:00 PM
Location: Siemens Hall 128


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