Anthropology Club

The HSU Anthropology Club is designed to promote a greater understanding of the academic discipline among undergraduates and enable them to explore their interests within the field.  We are a fun and friendly group that holds meetings and plans events throughout the year that are related to the various aspects of anthropology (physical, cultural, linguistics, and archaeology). 

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About the Club

Unlike previous years, the renovated Anthropology Club encompasses all the sub-fields of the discipline including archaeology, cultural, linguistics, physical, and applied... and any topics that might fall into these categories.  We generally meet every week and sponsor events throughout the month that allow students to experience the vast greatness that is anthropology in order to refine (or broaden!) their related academic or personal interests.  Led by an adviser within the department, as well as an elected student body composed of a president, treasurer, and individuals representing each of the sub-disciplines, this club truly strives to exist solely for the students and thus all meetings and events are designed, promoted, and implemented by those who are interested!  From flintknapping to primatology to foreign film nights to networking, Anthropology Club is the place for you—major or not! 

Membership Qualifications

An interest in any of the sub-fields of anthropology!

How to Join

Come to any of the weekly meetings, or contact the club via email.


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Meeting Information

Time: Tuesdays at 5pm
Location: BSS 310


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