Available Services Through the Clubs & Activities Office

The Clubs Office is located in the University Center, South Lounge. Clubs can pick up their mail, work on banners, check out club supplies, and do club-related work in this office. The Clubs Office provides a welcome resource when in the search for answers about club functions and policies. The office is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. You can reach us at 707-826-3776, by email at clubs@humboldt.edu, or on the web at http://www.humboldt.edu/clubs.

Club Mail

All clubs are assigned a mailbox located in the Clubs Office. Important dated announcements such as the availability of travel & event funds and dates of workshops and activities are delivered to clubs through campus mail or through clubs email. It is important that a club member check the mailbox at least once each week so you do not miss any possible opportunities. Mailboxes also provide a convenient place where students can leave their name and contact information indicating their desire to obtain more information about your club.

Club E-mail

E-mail accounts are automatically assigned to all campus clubs. The Clubs Office assigns e-mail accounts to club presidents through HSU’s e-mail system. Clubs are strongly encouraged to use their official HSU club e-mail for communication, as it is listed as the primary contact for the club on the Clubs and Activities website. You can create a Gmail group that you can utilize as a list serve for your organization through the clubs official email. Feel free to work with the clubs and activities staff to get a better understanding of how this works. If you wish to add additional users to have access to your club’s HSU assigned email, please fill out the grant email access form via this link: http://goo.gl/forms/QX846HUCOR

Club Web Space

All Clubs are automatically assigned a club web space through the Clubs and Activities web-site at http://www.humboldt.edu/clubs. Login information is available at the Clubs Office. These club web spaces have been designed to be a resource for clubs, students, prospective students and the HSU community. Each web space gives clubs the ability to update important information such as club meeting times, location, club events and how to join. Other features on the club web site include an Activities Calendar, Clubs Office announcements, and information about how to start a new club, advisor resources, downloadable forms and the Club Handbook.


Clubs may send or receive faxes which are related to club business. The sender should be instructed to put the name of the club on the fax transmittal form. The fax number is (707) 826-3791. The Clubs Office staff is available to send faxes for you. We do not fax press releases for clubs.

Club Supplies

The Clubs Office has the following supplies available to clubs for fundraising or other purposes. Supplies should be returned clean, dry and in good condition. Cleaning supplies are available upon request. Equipment should be reserved in advance to ensure availability. Items not returned and/or damaged must be replaced by the club that checked the items out.

List of Current Supplies

  1. 12 large tables (3’ x 5’)*
  2. Cash boxes
  3. 2 double electric burners
  4. Small and large coffee percolators
  5. Button Maker
  6. 2 fire extinguishers
  7. Security jackets/shirts
  8. Extension cords
  9. 2 buckets
  10. 2 Hand washing stations
  11. 2 ice chests
  12. Laminator
  13. Popcorn Machine (in office)
  14. Yard Ball
  15. Sack toss
  16. Yard Tic Tac Toe
  17. Banner Paper 

*Requests for tabling on the UC Quad should be made through the Clubs Office. We have a key to the closet where the tables are stored.

Leadership Resource Library (Located in the Clubs and Activities office)

The Leadership library is a small collection of leadership books designed to help clubs and organizations run more effectively and efficiently. Resource books and games are available and can be checked out (2 week limit). Club officers are encouraged to use these resources to help with running meetings, recruiting and retaining members, team-building and other group activities. The Leadership Library is located in the UC, in the clubs and activities office. You must come to the Clubs Office during office hours (9am-5pm Monday- Friday) to check out leadership supplies.